Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fun snow on Friday ~8". I tried to take the commuter rail out of South Station to go to Cyndy's parent's house(Speed Channel) that night. I got on the train at 8:20 it was scheduled to arrive at Worcester at 9:40. I got off the train at 10:00(all PM)at South Station. It hadn't moved yet. They lost power to all of the signals and switches at the station so no trains could go in or out. They kept saying that the train would be leaving in a few minutes. At one point they said, "we should be moving between five and... minutes. We apologize for the inconvenience." The ... indicates a pause in which the conductor realized he had no clue if they train would be moving. Eventually, people had to take the red line to the orange line to Back Bay to take a train that eventually left for Worcester after 12:00. I'm glad I went home. I tried again Saturday morning with no problems except that I had to wade through 8" of smoothie on the sidewalks since it had started raining.


All that was made better by the fact that from 9:45AM-1:00AM I was watching(or listening to on the radio while Speed had to fill their daily quota of Nascrap) Sebring followed by F1 at Sebring. Two of my six predictions this weekend were correct. I should get bonus points for getting the overall winner right. Really good GT2 field this year thanks to the influx of Ferrari's to deal with the Porsche.

Hopefully, all the P2 guys can get their stuff together and give us better races this season.

F1: As Joel said, after Sebring it was hard to be mildly entertained by that race. Happy with the result of the race but nothing happened, I guess that's Melbourne.

Things heard on the Sebring broadcast (Speed and Radio Lemans)

ALMS offering travel package for LMES teams to race at Petit and Laguna before going to the race in LMES race in Brazil

Possible third factory corvette for mosport
Rob Dyson, 'I don't know what the hell is wrong with the Audis. The series would be better off without them, but that's another story.'

Briscoe rumor for possible third Penske for I500.

These R10s will be going to europe, last years will be run by Champion in ALMS until after Lemans (when, I guess, they are sending these two chassis back here)

The R10s will do another 12 hours on their own on Monday.

Adrian is 'calm for a Mexican.' Speed Channel later apologized for that comment.

One possibly two new LMP1 teams this year in addition the two new LMP2 porsches this season.

Good enough


Donnie said...

This is why you always need to have a good book with you.

Paul said...

i had a news paper and left when i finished it

Donnie said...

be prepared!