Friday, March 16, 2007

LMSR is slowly coming back to life:

Two more Porsche P2 cars starting mid-season.

Audi done broked last night, better this morning:

The F1season has barely started and already I want to kick Bob Varsha in the teeth. From his Speed article,

" Down the pitlane, Ferrari will try to cope with the considerable loss of Michael Schumacher. The seven-time world champion has been replaced by the Britney Spears of grand prix racing, Kimi Raikkonen, who won 9 races in 5 seasons at McLaren-Mercedes and kept the tabloids humming with his partying ways. "

Beck Motorsports will have a Dallara(former Fernandez) at Homestead with Alex Barron(Toyota Atlantic Champion turned Mazda Atlantic reject).

Two Ndinjas is MIA.

For anyone not paying attention David Richards(owner of Prodrive) bought Aston Martin.

Take the HO Champ Car slots car off your list. They are just going to be decals on generic bodies with air boxes. Though Champ Car is looking to get a 1/32 scale DPO1 soon.

F1: Hamilton
P1: #2 Audi
P2: #16 Dyson Porsche
GT1: Aston Martin
GT2: #31 PWL Ferrari
AJA DNQ for Altanta, Qualifies for Bristol

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