Sunday, March 25, 2007

Just got back from Homestead-Miami Speedway. Overall I was very impressed with the racing. I showed up for the Grand Am race expecting there to be a small crowd but that was not the case. There was in fact a really good crowd for the Grand Am race, despite robin miller's statement that Grand Am attracts nobody. By the time the indy cars were on grid the grandstands got pretty full.
In the grand am race, the infield section was difficult to see from the grandstands, unlike at daytona. The infield section at homestead drops down in elevation and barriers run close along the track, also the grandstands arent as high as at daytona. I was happy with both winners, Auberlen put on a great display as always but this time I saw he had gotten to the lead and there were just 15 minutes remaining... it took me a while to comprehend that he was finally in a position get a prototype win. In the gt race i was happy to see the local team Speedsource win.
For the indy car race the sky looked like rain might become and issue but in the end it did not. It was amazing to see in person just how fast the indy cars go around that track, they make that 1.5 mile oval seem very small. The ethanol fuel gave a distinctive smell that i wouldnt compare with anything else.

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