Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Homestead Rolex race was great. Of course the right person won. Bill Auberlen can drive the wheels off a race car and does not give up. That was a great braking move that is not easy to do on Max A.. Give some credit to Matthew for not wrecking the car in the first stint and handing the car over in the lead group. He did his job well. Almost all the teams were fast which made for great competition. Luckily the last laps were green and let the GT race playout. If only Andy Lally had 5 more HP I would be 1.000 for my predictions for this race weeknd so far. RVO finished ahead of Dyson and were running at the end. Grand Am racing so far this year has been great to watch. I hope the rest of the season is this competitive. The track at Homestead had lots of good passing corners and seemed similar to Daytona but better. VIR is next and that is a good track as well. I did not get to see the IRL race because we were eating lamb chops. They were excellent. Mom also made Key Lime pie that was good.
The roads up at camp are snow free, but the woods and trails have snow on them. There are is some snowmobiling in the area, but it is very near the end.

Not jerk like Noah

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