Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Everyday the Times Union has a "best of our blogs" sidebar on the front page of the local section. It gives a brief summary of someone's TU blog page and the address. monday Jen's was the featured "best of". It even had a photo of her.
Dad's un-named fish died this week. The kids haven't noticed yet. I will get it out of the tank tomorrow. It is cold here tonight on the official first day of spring. It is single digits, thursday it will warm up to the 50's.
How can Joel say we are weird when I had to look at pictures of everything He ate in the month of february. What about Emily and the squirrels?



JSmith5780 said...

I didn't even see it. Gram Rita had to call and tell me it was there. Expect to see it a lot because right now they have very few active bloggers. Not convinced I made the right choice, because I can ONLY blog on the kids now and no more dots! We'll see.

Emily said...

what about Emily and the squirells?