Monday, March 05, 2007

Maybe this is right? I took out this coming weekend which has Champ Car testing at Laguna Seca. Champ Car's China, and European dates may move around some.

You may be able to print it here or something.

Cyndy wrote a bunch on the blob but decided not to mention that I had a stomach virus all weekend. Cyndy and I did have a lot of fun in Brazil... it only consists of a couple blocks and about a three blocks away from us. We've never walked through it because the railroad tracks make it so it's not on the way to anywhere. The supermarket there had lots of fun stuff like pigs ears and stuff. Across the street was Brazilian Used Tires, pneus usados.

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Cyndy said...

I did originally mention in my post that Paul had a stomach virus...I guess it disappeared along with a few other things. I had alot of struggles with Blogger and it kept taking everything I wrote away.