Friday, March 30, 2007

Here are my predictions for this weekend. Some are who I want to win, others are not but will.
IRL: Wheldon again

P1: #1 Audi as if it matters which one wins
P2: #16 Both drivers are good. Shorter race should help them.
GT1: #3 Johnny O can drive. Again as if it matters which one wins.
GT2: #31 Watch for the Porsche teams to be screaming for an adjustment if a Ferrari wins two in a row. I am not against the Porsches, they are all very strong teams #45 Flying Lizard is likely to do well. I just want to see PWL win a race.

Nascrap: Harvick. I almost picked Gordon again. AJA better hope he doesn't qualify. Even if you want to run conservative, you will get knocked around. There is nowhere to hide on that track.

Here is a quote from a Nascar show Paul and I saw. Question from host "What driver is most likely to fall out of the top 35 in owner points?". Answer from guest "Kyle Petty". Host response "good choice!".

The Times Union ran a huge alomst one page AP article on Sarah Fisher yesterday.

Phil, We have not seen your blue shirt at the blue house.

Remember last week when Bill Auberlen won the Rolex race? That is still really awesome! I can't believe Joel was there.

Noah, not jerk like at all really

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