Friday, March 23, 2007

Jen's blog was "best of our blogs" again today in the TU.
Dyson and RVO both practiced today at Homestead. RVO and Bill Lester will always be my underdog favorite since Daytona. I hope they have enough success to run more races and again next year. Ganassi car either did not practice or hasn't arrived yet. Lola to build Daytona prototype for Krohn in 2008. There was rumor about a new big name manufacturer before Daytona. I will assume this is it.
Paul is IRL and Joel there whis weekend? Joel? If so any IRL drivers going to run DP?


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Paul said...

In the January test Rolex made some announcements about changes being made for next year's chassis and killing off unused chassis and replacing them with new chassis manufacturers and allowing for new companies to buy in bla bla. I believe the Lola-Mulitimatic deal was announced then. Also, any chassis type not run for at least one race this year will no longer be allowed.

As of this morning SAMAX and Milka Duno will be running 10 IRL races this year including I500. Sponsored by our Friends in Venezuela and Citgo and Joe Kennedy. OK, not Joe. That will keep Brian Barnhart busy this season. She has yet to test a car.
Though she is a lock for rookie of the year I believe.

No drivers doing both races.

IRL: Dixon
DP: Braun/Papis
GT: Natasi/Tags
Nascrap: AJ qualifies, DNF within the first 125 laps.