Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Sebring race was excellent. With the problems the R10's were having you were never sure they were going to win. They managed to fix the problems quick and take the win. Everybody was surprised by the problems the Porsches were having. especially the yellow ones. Mazda still broke, but we will give them time to sort out the new motor. Dyson, we won't go there right now. Yeah Ollie Gavin!! Two years ago they were the second team car. The are the ones winning everything now. Wait just for the record why was the #3 car white? Paul is right the new Ferrari teams are going to make GT2 the closest class this year. Couldn't have been a better finish. Melo did a triple stint to the checkered flag. Boo Jorg Bergmeister, I might need to add him to the list of whiney Porsche drivers. Wolf Henzler is on that list now Boo Boo. It was the last lap at Sebring after 12 hours. Did he want Melo to just lay down after he got passed? He didn't wreck Jorg just did what needed to do. Panoz has a big challenge to compete with the 997's and 430's. They are lucky they have the best driver in the 21 car. Hopefully PWL will have better luck next time.
We went to church this morning and Grandma Brownsey was not there. Do we still collect the 5 bonus points for attending?
I watched the first 4 laps of the F1. Onboard in an F1 car is really cool TV. It is amazing the acceleration of the cars.
AJA has not started in a race this year. Reutimann is in the Atlanta race. In another bonehead move Nascar is not allowing anymore cell phone company sponors on race cars. Robby Gordon was asked to remove a Motorola decal from his car. Jeff Burton may not be allowed to change his car to AT&T wireless colors. Cingular was sold to AT&T recently. Way to go Nascar, hard enough for teams to get sponors.


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Joel said...

Jorg had a brilliant drive where made up a 13 second gap and then made a clean pass on the final corner despite getting driven to the wall on the strait, then his pass was negated with contact from Melo, not just once but 3 seperate times. How could he not have something to say? In fact he didn't really have much to say other than that he naturally disapproved. I'm glad they didn't give a penalty, but I wanted to see the faster driver with better racecraft win.